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Our Data delivery and wallet funding is automated, Airtime topup and data purchase are automated and get delivered to you almost instantly..

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Your wallet is the safest means of transacting with your mobile airtime. Your funds in your wallet can be kept as long as you want and it’s secured.

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Data, Airtime & Bill payment services any time you need it!!

About Stevans Vtu Services

A subsidiary of Stevans Online Service. We deal in airtime and data recharge including cable/TV subscription, smile wifi subscription, educational services(WAEC registration/Pin), electricity bills and Insurance services payment. We service directly to our customers with Affordable prices.

We service directly to our customers with unbeatable offers, and promo.

Our distant clients/customers also use the automated platform on our website to make subscription, top-up, bill payment within seconds.

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500.0MB₦16030 days
1.0GB₦29930 days
2.0GB₦59830 days
3.0GB₦89730 days
5.0GB₦149630 days
6.0GB₦245030 days (direct)
8.0GB₦275030 days (direct)
10.0GB₦300030 days (direct)
15.0GB₦460030 days (direct)
20.0GB₦520030 days (direct)

800.0MB₦4601.35gb (14 days)
1.84GB₦9202.9gb (30days)
3.75GB₦13754.1gb (30 days)
4.7GB₦18505.8gb (30days)
6.25GB₦23207.7gb (30days)
8.25GB₦278010gb (30days)
12.5GB₦369013.25gb (30days)
15.6GB₦460018.25gb(30 days)

760.0MB₦49014 days
1.5GB₦98030 days
2.0GB₦117030 days
3.0GB₦146030 days
4.5GB₦198530 days
6.0GB₦249530 days
8.0GB₦298030 days
11.0GB₦395030 days
15.0GB₦490030 days available {Gifting}
40.0GB₦965030 days available
75.0GB₦1440030 day

500.0MB₦47030 days {Gifting}
1.5GB₦95030 days {Gifting}
2.0GB₦116030 days {Gifting}
3.0GB₦149030 days {Gifting}
4.5GB₦192030 days {Gifting}
11.0GB₦368030 days {Gifting}
15.0GB₦465030 days {Gifting}
40.0GB₦900030 days {Gifting}
75.0GB₦1350030 days{Gi

What We offer

Airtime Recharge

Data Recharge

Cable/TV Subscription

Electricity Bill



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The quick and extremely cheap data subscription service i enjoy from Stevans Vtu Service is second to none. Keep it up guys
Samuel (a.k.a Saxmuel. Ceo, one sound entertainment)
My experiences with your services has always beat my imagination because most of the times you exceed my expectations. I have no regret using your Vtu services
Deborah (Ceo debraessence)

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